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Business Development Masters Programme

The Business Development Masters programme consists of a series of half day sessions covering the wide remit of business development skills needed for agencies to navigate their way through to successful growth.

This is the first time that all areas of new business development – from filling pipelines, to converting pitches, to growing existing clients – has been combined into one single skills programme. The programme provides deep understanding and practical application in equal measure. Emerging from the Programme will be a cohort of highly-valued, multi-skilled, business development practitioners, who will lead and deliver growth, immediately, to their agencies.

Supporting the programme will be an on-line, peer-to-peer community where delegates can share challenges and thoughts, with input from the tutors, and culminates in a drinks event at close of the programme to celebrate their masterclass-level, business development practioner status!

In partnership with…

Introducing our Tutors

Camilla Honey

Mark Clark


Who is it for?

  • Leadership Teams responsible for growth
  • New Business Leaders
  • Agency Marketing Leaders
  • Client Leaders


Full Masters Programme cost: £1,750 for members; £2,250 for non-members

Individual Courses: £375 for members; £450 for non-members. Subject to availability.

Workshop Sessions:
On-line from 9am-12pm

Proposition and Go to Market Messaging

Sharpening your spearpoint to market.

With Mark Clark on 18th October

‘A sharp knife cuts the quickest and hurts the least.” – Katharine Hepburn

Most agencies do not have differentiated propositions.

In the words of Simon Sinek, they are content with presenting ‘what they do’ which leaves most prospects struggling to spot the difference between one agency and another.

But if you believe you are different, then the benefit of a more efficient and effective new business performance should be claimed:

  • Better targeted marketing & prospecting
  • Better qualified leads
  • Better pitch conversion

We believe that developing the sharpest spearpoint into market should be the starting point for all new business investment – a new business proposition.

This session will help you develop and hone your new business proposition to a sharper point.

Get New Business Fit

How to build an effective new business machine

With Camilla Honey on 2nd November

This skills session is designed to accelerate learnings and covers the fundamentals of new business planning in 2022 and as we head into 2023.

It examines everything you need to know to create a new business machine and activate a new business plan from setting targets, defining your ideal client to instilling an agency-wide entrepreurial culture and establishing/reviewing KPIs.

Filling the Pipeline

Build a pipeline and move prospects from cold to hot

With Camilla Honey on 15th November

Creating new business opportunities, filling pipelines, is the number one priority for all agencies, according to the latest jfdi/Opinium New Business Barometer.  Which makes this timely and important as a catalyst to achieving your revenue targets.

The session will help you further hone your ideal client targets and provide a deeper understanding of the trigger points which result in client reviews. You will learn how to activate short, medium and long-term prospecting strategies, and how to create and manage a new business pipeline.

Marketing your Agency

Build your agency’s reputation and generate leads

With Camilla Honey on 29th November

The jfdi/Opinium New Business Barometer showed the increasing importance of agency marketing as a prospecting tool for filling new business pipelines, including using Marketing as a Sales Engagement tool as the top preferred choice of agencies @ 70% of agency leaders.

Marketing Your Agency provides you with a framework, tools and insights to attract, engage and sell to your client prospects, using in and outbound channels at each stage of the customer journey.  The aim is to equip you with all you need to know to get started, and maximise the ROI on your marketing investment.

Consultative Selling

Develop strategic selling skills to help the buyer to buy your products and services

With Camilla Honey on 17th January

Every agency has to sell themselves – new projects, new products and services – to both new and existing clients to create a sustainable, growing business.  The more capable and comfortable your team are with these consultative selling skills, the more potential to win new projects and clients.

This skills session puts proven consultative sales tools and techniques into an agency context with practical examples and exercises. Including how to use our strategic scoping tool – Placemats – during sales meetings. The learnings gained will enable you to have a competitive advantage by improving your agency conversion rate in both new business meetings and pitches.

Leading Pitch Winning Teams

Master the leadership skills that will win you more pitches

With Mark Clark on 1st February

If you regularly lead pitches or aspire to do so, this session will equip you with the know-how to win pitches by honing your leadership skills. What do the most successful pitch-winning agencies do?

Beyond answering the brief, we need to understand the client’s world and motivations. What are they expecting and what, exactly, are they buying? Beyond the purely rational, how do they make decisions? How do we rethink pitching in 2023, learning from 2022 and the changing market, ensuring when we pitch we are more likely to win.

Growing Existing Clients

Succeed by growing with your clients

With Mark Clark 15th February

Designed to drive organic growth by equipping you with the skills, to lead and grow your existing client relationships.  This takes careful planning, from aligning growth plans to your agency strategy, identifying growable clients, to knowing where to look and how to ask.

You’ll learn through a series of exercises, how to spot opportunities and generate client insights, leaving you with a plan that can be acted upon immediately following the session. Also included is a process that works on expanding your client network, primarily to reach untapped budget holders.

The Art of Negotiating with Clients

Protecting agency revenue and maximise value.

With Mark Clark on 1st March

What everyone who negotiates should know.

It’s always a buyer’s market and clients are keener than ever to negotiate with agencies. Along with the increasing presence of procurement, agencies are at a significant disadvantage if they don’t develop an understanding of, and their individuals skills in, the art of negotiation.

This training provides a level of understanding that everyone who negotiates on behalf of the agency (time, money and resources) should know. Applying proven negotiation tools and techniques, into an agency context with practical examples and exercises.

About jfdi:

jfdi have helped over 800 agencies both large and small and across all marketing disciplines. The one thing all these agencies have in common is their ambition to grow.

jfdi specialise in by filling pipelines, converting pitches and growing existing clients, by using a mix of strategy, creativity and action that works in the real world not just in workshops.

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