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Agency Profitability – We’re working on it.

Agency Profitability – We’re working on it.


Session Overview

Our mission is to help independent agencies thrive, and there are many facets of that falling into our pillars of People, Purpose and Performance. Undoubtedly, one of the key measures of thriving is agency profitability. And that is under constant pressure.

Help us to provide you with the training, tools, and resources to improve confidence, capability, and results in your interactions with clients. We want to discover what you consider to be your most pressing challenges, and how you believe we can help you overcome them. We have some thoughts and ideas to share with you too.

Joining the meeting will be Stuart Dunk, founder of Don’t Forget To Look, a Marketing, Sales and Marketing Procurement Consultancy for Agencies, and James Burgon, Chief Financial Officer of The Casbah and Leader of the Alliance Commercial Action Group.


After starting his career Agency side, Stuart spent the next 15 years in local and global marketing procurement roles at the likes of Nike, Danone, Reckitt and Betfair.

Stuart set up Don’t Forget to Look in early 2020 with the aim of helping Agencies sustainably grow and retain more profitable business. His coaching and consultancy touches many areas of the Agency sales and marketing process: from segmentation, targeting and positioning, to pitch work and negotiation and influencing.

DFTL’s aim is to build the confidence and capability of Agency leadership, sales, account management and finance teams, when it come to their success in attracting and retaining profitable business.





James Burgon is CFO of Casbah Group Limited and has been in charge of finance and operations for 20 years. Casbah is an independent group of agencies which were founded with Exposure in 1993. Exposure is a communications agency based in London, New York and Paris that specialises in making brands culturally relevant to consumers. SEEN was formed in 2007 and is a female led beauty communications consultancy that is rewriting the beauty communications category via its’ offices in London and New York. THREESIXTY specialises in brand reputation and protection through a cultural lense. The group has 200 employees and delivers outstanding campaigns for worlds most famous consumer brands.





Thursday 04 November 2021 9:00 am - 10:00 am


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