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Difficult Conversations : 'All-in-90' TRAINING

Difficult Conversations : ‘All-in-90’ TRAINING

Do you have enough productive conflict in your business and team?  Whilst working remotely this has been one of the elements of decision-making and teamwork that has suffered most.
We all know productive conflict is essential to being authentic in the workplace and making the best decisions.  But it is often something avoided in business as in life.  It can feel dangerous and like there is too much to lose.  And remotely it feels easier to ‘hide’. By identifying conflict styles and using our model for having difficult or emotionally charged conversations, this course will help you to release conflict-avoidant behaviours and have those crucial conversations to propel you and your business forward.


DELEGATE LEVEL: Account Executives to Account Directors

DATE: 14th September

TIME: 10am to 11.30am


Rachel Boothroyd is a lawyer turned trainer and coach.  She specialises in communication and teamwork and uses workplace personality profiling technologies to deliver results. Her approach is guided by her 26 years in business and scientific background.  Clients particularly appreciate Rachel’s left-brain, right-brain style which combines emotional understanding and practical, applicable methods.


Tuesday 14 September 2021 10:00 am - 11:30 am


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