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COMMERCIAL ACTION GROUP - The Commercial Agency Model Of The Future (Member Event)

COMMERCIAL ACTION GROUP – The Commercial Agency Model Of The Future (Member Event)

Commercial Action Group – The Commercial Agency Model of the Future

Wednesday 21st September, Online: 9am – 10am


James Burgon | CFO at Exposure

Hosted by Member Lead – James Burgon

The post Covid agency landscape has changed immeasurably. Working from home is here to stay. A shortage of talent has created supply vs demand salary pressure for the best talent at all levels, there is a cost of living crisis adding more salary pressure, the cost of raw materials are ever increasing and the supply chain is struggling to cope. Traditional revenue lines are under pressure. Client procurement are negotiating harder than ever, agencies must be agile, diverse, sustainable and embrace performance based campaigns.

We will discuss the commercial agency model of the future, how to avoid a sense of doom and gloom and rise above the pack.

About the group: We have created a programme for Commercial Directors to meet, learn, share, and debate important issues in the world of agency management. They get together, often with expert input, to cover critical topics like benchmarking trends in profitability, property strategies, remuneration models, negotiation, and budgeting. They are keenly aware of the key performance indicators in independent agencies and share thought leadership in successful approaches to problem solving.


Wednesday 21 September 2022 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Zoom Webinar
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