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I think we can all agree that the world needs braver leaders right now. What we can’t agree on is what exactly a brave leader is. Most people find it hard to define and even harder to operationalise.  What we are clear on are the behaviours we see when leaders aren’t brave. For example, we see the avoidance of difficult conversations. We see difficult behaviours being managed rather than the real people and real emotions that sit behind them. We see a diminishing of trust at an organisational level, related to low connection and low empathy. We see people opting out of difficult conversations, because they fear saying something wrong, looking wrong or being wrong. We see organisational values being claimed and aspirational, rather than lived, measured and evaluated. We will delve in to Dr Brené Brown’s research which tells us that brave leadership is skills based. And it is teachable.


  • A 2-hour training course
  • Structured and interactive session with individual and small group exercises
  • Zoom and Power Point used as session facilitation equipment
  • Handout with content overview and additional resources available after the course


  • The way armour that gets in the way of Courageous Leadership, not fear
  • The four skill sets of courageous leadership
    • Rumbling with vulnerability
    • Braving trust
    • Operationalising values
    • Resilience


Aimed at everyone at all levels


9th February, 9am to 11am


Roxanne Hobbs is a certified co-active coach who is also trained in the work of Brené Brown. She is passionate about the diversity and inclusivity agenda believing that we need to remove the barriers to success in the workplace and create cultures where people can show up as themselves and be valued for it.  Her background is in the media and creative industries and she strongly believes that the skills needed there – including creativity and innovation – are rooted in diversity, authenticity and vulnerability. Roxanne is a powerful combination of real-world leadership experience, well developed and technical coaching skills and a truly sensitive and intuitive approach. Her work around inclusivity is capable of being the catalyst for the people and organisations who want to make a difference and be game changers.


Thursday 09 February 2023 9:00 am - 11:00 am


Zoom Webinar

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