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The ‘new normal’ represents one of the greatest opportunities ever to make greater steps towards inclusion within our organisations.

This may involve looking at how we are re-designing our ‘spaces’ (virtual and physical), or the implementation of new/  updated policies on areas such as flexibility. This may be accompanied with a reset in the associated expectations for employees and managers.

All of this represents an opportunity to focus in on DE&I in order to drive forward a more equitable workplace and society.

As we are all in various stages of thinking and implementing ‘the new normal’ this topic has been a request from members- and feels like a very valued use of our time.

We are excited to bring the DEI Action group back together to for a very important action focused discussion to put collective our learnings over the past 18 months to good use and to focus on designing ‘the new normal’ for inclusion – if we put inclusion first:

  • What are the implications for our spaces, cultures and our employees?
  • What might we do differently if we lead with the lens of intersectionality?
  • Who is in the room and not in the room in conversations we are already having in our organisations and who should be in the room ongoing?

Our conversation can cover all elements of return to office or hybrid working, strategies and tactics- all ideas and perspectives most welcome, please canvas ideas within your teams and be ready to share!

Our plan would be to create our top recommendations and then share this list with all Alliance members.

As is custom we are hoping to bring in a special guest for the session who can help facilitate and provide perspectives – more details to come.


Thursday 07 October 2021 10:00 am - 11:30 am


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