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DEI GROUP - Why a focus on DEI is critical to the ‘war for talent’ (Member Event)

DEI GROUP – Why a focus on DEI is critical to the ‘war for talent’ (Member Event)

Gemma Popejoy | DEI Group Member Lead | SVP, Global People at The Marketing Store, Global

We prefer to call this group the Diversity & Inclusion Action Group because they are committed to taking actions that make a difference. They meet regularly to help us fulfil the vision that our Member Agencies have workforces that are truly representative of all sections of society and each employee feels respected and able to give their best. The Alliance is committed to optimising diversity and inclusion in our Member Agencies. We expect all member agencies to be fully committed to the D&I journey because we know it makes great business sense.

We are delighted to be back on 10th February for our first session of the year!

In keeping with our Alliance Q1 theme of ‘The War for Talent’ we plan to host a workshop to generate ideas for how we can attract all talent into our organisations, given our focus as a group we will pay particular attention to DEI.

Why is DEI so important in the war for talent? Have a read of this article from Forbes to begin with:  ‘why a laser focus on DEI is urgently needed to win the post pandemic war on talent’



Our discussion is sparked by this HBR article titled ‘is the Company you’re interviewing with actually inclusive’ – which gives a check list candidates should look out for when choosing an organisation.  As employers we can look at this check list to benchmark our own organisations, and, as its goal setting season, use this to create tactical action plans and goals.

In advance of the session please read both articles, we plan to split into break out groups to do some thinking and then come back and share our perspective; our intention is to create a checklist we can take back to the leadership in our organisations to drive action.


Thursday 10 February 2022 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Zoom Webinar
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