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The Alliance DEI  Action Group Meeting (Member Event)

The Alliance DEI Action Group Meeting (Member Event)

The Alliance DEI Action group are excited to invite you to a special edition of our regular meetings on Tuesday 20th October at 9:30am- 11:30am in which we will formally launch our new DEI Charter and run a workshop to equip DEI Action group members and their leaders with micro actions to take immediately to advance inclusion.


We will be joined by Sara Shahvisi from Fearless Futures who will run the workshop.


Fearless Futures uniquely works within organisations to engage people in critical thinking to understand and challenge the root causes of inequalities and grow powerful new leadership for transformative change


Sara Shahvisi is the Chief Programmes Officer of Fearless Futures. She is a former teacher in inner-city state schools and her expertise lies in pedagogy, research, social policy and facilitation. Alongside programme leadership. She is brilliant at facilitating complex concepts for groups of young people and adults alike and creating transformational learning experiences. Alongside her BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from University of Cambridge, she has an MSc in Social Policy from the London School of Economics.

Sara will take the group through a mini workshop and then host a Q & A- to provide some answers to all of those questions we know many organisations have right now.

Thinking Outside the Boxes: a holistic approach to inclusion

This workshop will enable participants to highlight the siloed way we often think about inequality in the workplace and the dangers of this approach. It will offer participants a different lens in service of holistic change.

Workshop structure

  1. Engagement with a foundational concept to support participants to understand the ways inequalities overlap and are interconnected. An important skill for participants to begin highlighting the possible unique and compound experiences of individuals in the workplace that are often missing from mainstream diversity and inclusion discussions and interventions.
  2. Action: Using the tools of overlapping inequalities participants will leave with 2-3 specific micro-actions they can engage in immediately.

For this meeting we extend the invite to all DEI Action group members to bring along a representative from their agency; ideally from their leadership team and we are looking for a full turn out and representation from all member agencies given the importance of the subject.

We encourage you to submit your questions in advance here.  You can ask anything.

As individuals, organisations and members of the group we have an opportunity to truly join this movement to create meaningful change- we look forward to seeing you there.



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Tuesday 20 October 2020 9:30 am - 11:30 am


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