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FUTURE LEADERS ACTION GROUP – Project Kick-off (Member Event)

Alex Beeden | Head of Client Relations at Active International

Alana Drew | People Partner at The Marketing Store

In this next meeting, Alex and Alana (our Member Leads) are going to share with you the project the Future Leaders are going to be delivering this year. The meeting will be split into 2 parts:

Part 1: Taking you through the brief for the project

Part 2: Getting going on the project

Prep – If you can come prepared with some talking points/topics you think are critical to the Future of Agencies and their talent. Blue sky thinking.

Alana & Alex have provided some further info on the meeting, as below:
“We are excited to see you at the Future Leaders meeting in a couple weeks. We wanted to give you a bit more of an insight into the project we are going to be undertaking.
We are going to ask you to write 1 x Article (no more than 1 page) per month for the next 6 months that will be shared with all of our CEO/MD group at the AIA about what you our Future Leaders believe is important for leaders to know about the Future of Agency, and ways they can achieve that – we are after a range of perspectives & topics. We want it to give our Future Leaders a voice at the right tables and be a source of inspiration for real change within agencyland.

Our hope is this will get you all thinking about what’s next (a sort of reverse mentoring) and also get you exposure to agency CEO/MDs AKA making YOU famous. It will also build your skillsets around research, writing propositions and influencing leaders (which is the day job when it comes to leading an organisation or team). We will also ask the AIA to share these externally on socials for further reach.

We are also keen for some creative and social folks within this group to help us get these out into the world in an engaging way that helps us reach more people.
We landed on the above approach as following the last meeting there were a number of ways people wanted to move forward and various things the Future Leaders wanted out of these sessions and we felt this was the best way forward.”

About the group: Members of our Future Leaders Group are committed to building their careers in the agency world. They want to be part of a network of like-minded people and wish to contribute to the wider community of independent marketing agencies. It is more a factor of attitude and mindset than age, experience, and knowledge. We learn so much from their enthusiasm and fresh perspectives and they have driven our programmes around Wellbeing and Sustainability.


Tuesday 28 June 2022 9:00 am - 10:00 am


Zoom Webinar
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