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How do you judge good copywriting, how do you brief it?

Why good writing matters, what it looks like vs bad writing, and how to do it well?  Why is tone of voice and distinctiveness so important?

Alex, senior writer at Schwa and Nick, creative director at Schwa will answer these questions

Alex, senior writer at Schwa

I’ve been the voice of detergent, ice cream, oil paint, margarine, and dogs, to name but a few.

I studied philosophy but always wondered if I should have done psychology; writing covers both. Playing with tone, words and sentence structure triggers different emotions and behaviour – it can even build and break beliefs. And, perhaps because I spent ten years in social media marketing, I like the challenge of doing that succinctly.

My favourite behavioural study is the one where parents didn’t know they were judging what their kids could – and couldn’t – do by gender.

Nick, creative director at Schwa

I do a lot of our tone of voice and naming work, as well as anything that falls onto the wordy side of brand strategy.

If I had to sum up what I do in a nutshell, and I do, because that’s exactly what’s going on here, I’d say my thing is creative hooks. That might mean a clever way to make a tone of voice catch fire (in a good way) in an organisation. Or a big idea that makes a brand video stand out from the crowd. Or a strapline that neatly completes the story started by the brand name.

Hands down, my favourite behavioural study is the one where nobody likes a Hershey’s Kiss unless it’s free

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Tuesday 03 November 2020 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Zoom Webinar
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