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GreenJam: How to Make Work Suck Less, Thrive More and Do Great Work: #WorkKind (Member Event)

GreenJam: How to Make Work Suck Less, Thrive More and Do Great Work: #WorkKind (Member Event)

Kindness and business — not two words you often see together. That’s because business is competitive and kindness is soft and fluffy. Right?

Hosted by Magnus Wood, in this interactive session he will:

  • Show why kindness matters at work
  • He’ll bring to life exactly what workplace kindness looks like
  • Share the science of bring #WorkKind to life – how to make work suck less, so that you thrive and your agency thrives.
  • And take us through the 8 steps of The Kindness Code, which help us unlock the power of kindness

The session will be a presentation with breakouts and audience participation, plus a Q&A.

Magnus runs The Kindness Corporation. After a successful corporate career culminating in running a multi-million dollar creative production company, he stepped away in 2019 to start an exploration of workplace kindness. Magnus was so convinced by its power that he published The Kindness Code book in 2020 and started The Kindness Corporation, which now works globally to make work suck less and businesses thrive more.

About The Kindness Corporation

The Kindness Corporation solves two interrelated people problems: Work sucks for too many people and Leaders need these people to thrive. All of this we do with kindness — we call it #WorkKind. With the world’s largest data set and as leaders in workplace kindness research, we know the 15 proven benefits that drive the ROI of kindness. We train and workshop with individuals, teams, and companies to help them #WorkKind. We measure, benchmark, and certify the most committed as kind.


Tuesday 10 January 2023 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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