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GreenJam: How to Run a Collaborative Team Remotely? (Member Event)

GreenJam: How to Run a Collaborative Team Remotely? (Member Event)

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that the future is remote! Whether it’s working from your make-shift home office or a beach in the Bahamas, we can be just as productive when working remotely as we are in an office environment.

Since the pandemic, Copy House have not only gone fully remote by introducing a ‘work-from-anywhere’ policy, they have also taken things up a notch by basing work on output as opposed to facetime value. This means employees can work from any location at any time, so long as deadlines are met and meetings are attended.

Managing Director of Copy House, Kathryn Strachan, has successfully implemented this policy by working from a fixed timezone and trusting her team to self manage their time and work. However, as with all new policies, this did come with its fair share of challenges.



In this event, The Alliance of Independent Agencies will talk to Kathryn about how she manages to run a 35 person team from a different time zone collaboratively. She will answer the following:

  • What are the benefits of creating a fully remote environment?
  • What challenges have you come across regarding working remotely, and how have you combatted these challenges?
  • In terms of recruitment, what challenges do you face when having a remote environment?
  • How do you ensure your team does not feel isolated whilst working remotely?
  • What processes and tips do you have for our viewers on encouraging open communication and collaboration in a fully remote team?
  • And how did your decision to work fully remotely impact your clients and your business overall?


Tuesday 19 April 2022 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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