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GreenJam: Relationship Building using Active Listening with Kevin Taylor  (Member Event)

GreenJam: Relationship Building using Active Listening with Kevin Taylor (Member Event)

Listening; soft skill or the most powerful tool you have?

For many people communication is looked upon as a soft skill, but what if lives quite literally depended on your ability to listen, to communicate, to influence.  As a former hostage negotiator who spent years negotiating in some of the most extreme situations from kidnap negotiation to suicide intervention Kevin will tell you that when lives depend on it, communication is anything but a soft skill, when used consciously it is the most powerful influencing tool you have.  In an interactive talk Kevin will share his personal journey to becoming head of the hostage negotiation unit for Greater Manchester Police, sharing some of his experiences from the world of hostage negotiation and making you think about how you communicate.  You will never listen the same way again.

Kevin Taylor
As a Hostage Negotiator Kevin has years of experience communicating in the most difficult and challenging situations, from Kidnap and Barricade Siege Negotiation to Suicide Intervention and negotiating the surrender of Dangerous Offenders at large. With over 27 years experience in a wide variety of policing disciplines, his experience includes both overt and covert policing roles; and ranges from walking the beat as a uniformed officer to a senior leadership role as a Chief Inspector responsible operational policing.

A UK trained hostage negotiator and graduate of the FBI’s hostage negotiation program, Kevin is passionate about the work of hostage negotiators and continues to be one of the driving forces behind the development of hostage negotiation, and kidnap negotiation training in the UK and overseas.

With extensive experience at both operational and strategic levels, Kevin is a practitioner who brings a unique real world perspective on the power of communication in de-escalating crisis situations.
Kevin’s passion for his work coupled with his ability to engage an audience and translate his knowledge, experience and the lessons learned throughout his career, into the workplace have seen him become recognised as an inspirational thought leader in the areas of high pressure negotiation, influence and persuasion, leadership and dealing with conflict. Kevin now works across a wide variety of sectors from Elite Sports to Marketing and the Pharmaceutical sector. A fantastic storyteller he draws on his extensive experience gained through some of the most challenging situations imaginable, to engage and keep his audience entertained whilst they learn vital skills for the workplace and life.

Previous and current clients include: McCann, PwC, SAP, Havas, Spinks, KPMG, The FA/UEFA, UKSport, Sport England, Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Bayer, TM Duche, Infinity Works, IFS World, DWF Group, Crowe
“Having the ability to bring your A-game every single time is never as important as when a life depends on it.”


Tuesday 21 September 2021 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Zoom Webinar
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