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GreenJam: The Rules for Influencer Marketing

GreenJam: The Rules for Influencer Marketing

Session Overview

If your social media campaigns involve partnering, sponsoring or even gifting influencers and celebrities you must join this fascinating webinar to learn all about influencer marketing rules and regulations first.

Whilst its popularity and success cannot be ignored by marketers, Parliament is currently carrying out an inquiry into the repercussions of influencer marketing which could lead to stricter legislation, and not a week goes by without an influencer hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In this practical and engaging session Jorja Knight, Head of Legal, and Amy Powell, Compliance Manager at PromoVeritas explain how to ensure your influencer talent follow the rules and offer legal, practical and best practice advice for making sure your influencer campaigns are run right.

Jorja Knight, Head of Legal, PromoVeritas

Jorja leads our Legal Team and is a South African qualified lawyer who spent 12 years in private practice working at partnership level specialising in professional indemnity high court defence litigation and insurance advisory work. After this she worked as Legal Counsel for a fast-paced commercial group of companies. Jorja holds a unique skillset and a keen interest in the promotional marketing industry, particularly the ability to handle complex situations, contract review and multi-jurisdictional work.


Amy Powell, Compliance Manager, PromoVeritas

Amy has a deep understanding of marketing compliance and industry regulation or legislation, helping brands and agencies to plan their campaigns the right way. She also manages our network of international lawyers covering more than 80 countries to build a strong and comprehensive repository of legal knowledge on promotional laws, regulations and best practice around the world.


Tuesday 02 November 2021 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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