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GreenJam: Web3 - The Agency Perspective (Member Event)

GreenJam: Web3 – The Agency Perspective (Member Event)

Understanding Web 3 and what it can do for your clients should be a critical part of your agency agenda.

Join Agency Founders and Web3 Consultants Tiffany St James and Tom Head unpacking What Web 3 is and what it means for agencies.

They’ll unpack the pillars of Web3, share what brands are doing in this space and give key agency opportunities to bring it alive for you in this interactive Zoom and help you on your Web3 journey.

In his talk, Tom is going to introduce you to Web3 and help you start to make sense of things in plain and simple terms – what it is, where it came from and what it exists like today. He’ll draw familiar comparisons between areas you’ll have heard of but might not know much about, allowing you to feel more comfortable with this fast emerging space.

Tom founded Comparative Linguistics as a place to help companies stay on top of the latest trends and opportunities in Web3, whilst providing some much needed clarity and simplicity in a space renowned for complexity. As an ex-agency leader, he knows the importance of removing as much BS as possible and makes the seemingly inaccessible, accessible.

Tiffany will share with you some real world examples how brands and agencies are taking advantage of Web3 technologies for brand awareness and access to different audiences. She will unwrap what all the fuss is about NFTs  and how practical they can be for building communities and offering perks to fans and customers.

Tiffany Co-Founded Curate42 to help brands and businesses with deeper digital engagement from strategies in the metaverse to holographic casting and manages a social impact fund through using art and technology to drive attention and funds to causes: Tech Art Impact. Together with Tom she runs a mastermind for agencies in building the business case for Web3.


Thursday 08 December 2022 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


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