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Introducing the Agency Profitability Series

It feels like there’s never been a more critical time to develop the confidence, tools and techniques needed to boost profitability. We’ve been working with Stuart Dunk, Don’t Forget to Look, to develop a series of workshops and videos that address the key issues you asked us to focus on

  1. Negotiation & Influence
  2. Value Based Selling
  3. Navigating Marketing Procurement
  4. Pricing

Stuart Dunk has over 14 years’ experience in both marketing agencies, and client side in marketing procurement and is focused on brand-agency efficiency and effectiveness.

We have been working with Stuart for a year and the outputs come as videos, multi-agency workshops or flexible bespoke sessions. They are tried and tested.

“Stuart brings a client perspective to the course material and the team welcomed his open style of shared learnings. Members of the Alliance will quickly recoup the cost of the training modules by developing an improved commercial approach to client negotiations” James Burgon, Chief Financial Officer, The Casbah.

Join us to find out more.


Tuesday 17 January 2023 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Zoom Webinar
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