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Introduction to 'SpaceThreeTwo' Hybrid Offices (Member Event)

Introduction to ‘SpaceThreeTwo’ Hybrid Offices (Member Event)

Session Overview

5 days in the office is a thing of the past. SpaceThreeTwo is the first marketplace for Hybrid Offices: your own company workspace on the days you need each week.

Office workers now want less days in the office, permanently. But organisations need to maintain productivity, protect culture and preserve effective collaboration.

The Hybrid Office is the sustainable solution for many. Fixed days of office and remote working each week provides staff with consistent working patterns they can plan their lives around. It brings entire teams together to retain culture and collaboration. Reducing office days delivers substantial savings and reduces energy consumption.

We believe that this solution is perfect for relevant independent agencies looking to reduce office costs and maintain company collaboration and culture. Whether you are looking for a new office space or are stuck in an existing lease, SpaceThreeTwo is here to help.

We are already working in this way with many businesses and during the presentation we will:

– Present some background about office/home working, current trends and the future
– Describe the Hybrid Office Concept and the practicalities around this
– Explain the SpaceThreeTwo platform and how we put this into practice
– Discuss case studies from one of your members and others
– Show how you can register your interest
– Answer any questions you may have

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Tuesday 26 October 2021 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Zoom Webinar
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