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Regional agencies now account for 40% of the membership of the Alliance and as we start to prepare to come out of lockdown we want to have some thoughts as to how we as a Group operate when we are all meeting face to face.

Therefore I would like to ensure that you or a colleague can be at our next Regional Agencies Action Group when we start to plan to ‘build back better’ for our group post lockdown.

There are a couple of thoughts that are being considered:

1.  Hybrid events that enable us to meet in person & virtually

2.  Create more regional groups (Leeds/Manchester, Bristol/South West, East Anglia/East etc) that can meet in person for Breakfasts or Dinners whilst keeping the Action Group virtual.


The Regional Agencies Action Group, central to its remits within the Alliance, is to ensure that as many agencies across the UK join the Alliance (so no London bias) and their interests are fully catered for, whether that is engagement with national activities, shaping the national programme or running bespoke events in specific cities and communities.


Tuesday 13 April 2021 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Zoom Webinar
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