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The Alliance DEI Action Group - Gendered Intelligence 'Top Tips'  - Trans Inclusion

The Alliance DEI Action Group – Gendered Intelligence ‘Top Tips’ – Trans Inclusion

The Alliance DEI Action group are excited to invite you to a special edition of our regular meetings on Thursday 25th March from 10-10.55am. We will run a workshop with Gendered Intelligence to equip DEI Action group members and their leaders with knowledge and insight into Trans Inclusion. We will learn more about gender and identity, and how we can be allies in our personal lives and at work.

Gendered Intelligence are a trans lead charity that exists to increase understandings of gender diversity and improve trans people’s quality of life. They work across the UK, within organisations, schools, within communities, and lead policy change for organisations such as Stonewall. They engage with people from all walks of life to be ‘intelligent’ about gender. Their vision is ‘is of a world where diverse gender expressions are visible and valued and where trans, non-binary, gender diverse and gender questioning people live healthy, safe and fulfilled lives’.

We will be joined by Simon Croft (pronouns he/him /his) from Gendered Intelligence who will run a workshop for 25 minutes followed by time for questions and discussion.

Simon is the Director of Professional & Education Services at Gendered Intelligence, and will be our facilitator. He has worked at the charity for nearly a decade, and has plenty of insight and knowledge to help equip us with a greater understanding and to advise on any questions we may have.


Simon will take the group through a workshop that focuses on:

  • What does it mean to be trans?
  • Trans inclusion – how to support your trans & non-binary colleagues
  • Pronouns – what they are/ how to use
  • Steps we can all take as employers to be more trans inclusive

There will also be time for a mini Q&A to provide some answers to questions you have had, but haven’t had anyone to ask.

We encourage you to submit your questions in advance by emailing  You can ask anything!

For this meeting we extend the invite to all DEI Action group members to bring along a representative from their agency; ideally from their leadership team and we are looking for a full turn out and representation from all member agencies given the importance of the subject.

If you are able to and feel comfortable, then we encourage you to include your pronouns in your name on zoom.

As individuals, organisations and members of the group we have an opportunity to gain a greater understanding, to be an active ally and to create meaningful change- we look forward to seeing you there.


Thursday 25 March 2021 10:00 am - 10:55 am


Zoom Webinar
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