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Workshop 2 – Get New Business Fit

Workshop 2
Get New Business Fit

How to build an effective new business machine

This skills session is designed to accelerate learnings and covers the fundamentals of new business planning in 2022 and as we head into 2023.

It examines everything you need to know to create a new business machine and activate a new business plan from setting targets, defining your ideal client to instilling an agency-wide entrepreurial culture and establishing/reviewing KPIs.

DATE: 5th October

TIME: 9am to 12pm


Camilla Honey

Camilla’s specialism lies in agency business development. She spent 14 years working within agencies – spotting, creating and developing opportunities and briefs, writing and delivering marketing strategies whilst also ensuring a strong conversion rate through the process.

Identifying a need to support agencies with new business growth, she launched jfdi in 2004.  The company has now worked with over 800 agencies from the large to the small, across every discipline.

She is passionate about growing business, for both jfdi client agencies and jfdi itself – creating internal new business machines which overtime have a life of their own. Along with cultivating entrepreneurial cultures within agencies, where everyone needs to play their part in driving new business growth.


Wednesday 02 November 2022 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


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