Early Bird Deadline: May 28th 2021

Regular Deadline: June 11th 2021

Late Deadline: June 25th 2021


  • Early Bird Deadline (Alliance Member rate): £175.00+vat per category
  • Early Bird Deadline:£200.00+vat per category
  • Regular Deadline (Alliance Member rate): £200.00+vat per category
  • Regular Deadline: £250.00+vat per category
  • Late Deadline (Alliance Member rate): £250.00+vat per category
  • Late Deadline: £300.00+vat per category

*Deadline dates are 11:59pm UK time zone.

* Alliance Member rates are applicable to existing members of The Alliance of Independent Agencies only.

  • The entry fee is determined by the date you submit your entry for judging with full payment.
  • All entries intended for judging must be paid in full and submitted prior to the entry deadline.
  • This includes online payments and bank transfers. All originating bank charges must be prepaid.


The entry form is in 5 steps:

  1. Entry Title
  2. Select Categories
  3. Entry Details
  4. Supporting Material
  5. Preview
  • You can download a copy of the Worksheet and work offline.
  • Agency name must not appear anywhere in the entry submission other than where requested
  • You may select multiple categories in one form. Each category represents a separate entry and a separate entry cost. Although it saves time to select multiple categories in one form we advise that you amend the entry copy bespoke to each category.
  • Use the tool tips – each entry question has a tooltip that will help you answer the questions appropriately.
  • Campaigns entered into the 2021 awards must have been live in the last 24 months.
  • The Independent Agency Awards are run from the UK, but they are open to international entries. It doesn’t matter if you’re a UK agency that ran work overseas or an agency based outside the UK, we’d be delighted to have your work entered.

File uploads.

In step 4 of the entry form you can support your entry with links to websites, videos and file uploads.

  • If you are uploading links to a video on YouTube, Vimeo or other video sharing platforms please ensure that your agency name is not visible on the account details. Please make sure that all files are accessible until October 2021.
  • All entries must have a showcase image uploaded. This image will be used to represent the entry in any communications including show guide and AV at the awards presentation.
  • We recommend you upload no more than 5 separate images with your entry (Rather than upload individual images judges will appreciate one PDF file with multiple images and narrative in one place.)
  • Case study videos should be no more than 3 minutes in duration and we recommend no more than 2 minutes. If uploading multiple videos please label them clearly. eg casestudy.mov and TVcommercial.mov. Always ensure your agency name is NOT in the video or the file name.

Physical samples.

All supporting material will be viewed by judges online. Please note that hard copy samples and mood boards will not be accepted. Any print or hard copy material used in the campaign should be uploaded as a PDF.


Judging takes place over 2 rounds.

Round 1

Judges are allocated categories to review and are selected to ensure a balance of skills (creative, strategy, data, agency and client). Judges review entries per category online and score each entry 0-10 in the 3 criteria of strategy, creativity and results – with a total score of up to 30 points. The top performing entries in each category proceed to round 2.

Round 2

Judges review the work per category and vote to find a winner in every category. The debate is open, judges vote confidentially and winners are not announced until the live event in September. The round 2 debate will be in person should Covid restriction allow, otherwise it will be a live debate but held virtually.


Payment must be made by:

  • Credit Card via the online platform
  • Bank Transfer

Entry fees are non-refundable.

  • Credit card payments within the platform are made through the paypal gateway (note – you do not need a PayPal account).
  • Bank transfers are accepted, and bank information is on the invoice (or listed below) that can be generated at the end of the entry process.

Wire transfer payments should be sent directly to this bank:

Bank Name: Metro
Bank Address: 136A High Road, Hornsey, London N22 6EB United
Sort Code: 23-05-80
Account No: 28078528

**Please add agency name and awards reference number**

If you have any questions, please contact

phoebe@allindependentagencies.org or terry@allindependentagencies.org

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