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Category: StackAdapt

AI In Programmatic Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

AI in Programmatic Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

AI in programmatic advertising is becoming an industry norm. While having the ability to pull the levers and push all…

What Is 1st-Party Data

What is 1st-Party Data

Businesses have long relied on 3rd-party cookies to track users across the web, gather data about their browsing behaviour, and…

How Agencies Thrive Podcast

How Agencies Thrive Podcast

Helping forward-thinking, digitally-savvy marketers win in the ever-changing digital landscape. We’re joined by the best in the business to unpack…

Cookieless Strategies With A Dash Of AI

Cookieless Strategies With a Dash of AI

Learn how contextual targeting can enable marketers to take control of their ad campaigns, without the use of cookies, to…

The Power Of Multi-Channel Advertising Report

The Power of Multi-Channel Advertising Report

Learn the benefits of running campaigns across several channels and what to consider when integrating multi-channel advertising into your digital…

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