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StackAdapt X Exchange Wire: Boosting Campaign Efficacy In Europe AI Solutions For Digital Advertisers

StackAdapt x Exchange Wire: Boosting Campaign Efficacy in Europe AI Solutions for Digital Advertisers

  With this ExchangeWire x StackAdapt Report, discover how innovative approaches in the digital advertising space are unlocking new growth…

Must-Know Trends And Strategies In B2B Marketing

Must-Know Trends and Strategies in B2B Marketing

In this episode of StackAdapt’s Podcast: How Agencies Thrive, host Sneha Suhas is joined by Julian Lo from StackAdapt and…

Getting Started With Programmatic Advertising In StackAdapt

Getting Started With Programmatic Advertising in StackAdapt

Is your brand or agency on the path to discovery with programmatic? In this webinar, we cover the basics of…

AI In Programmatic Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

AI in Programmatic Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

AI in programmatic advertising is becoming an industry norm. While having the ability to pull the levers and push all…

What Is 1st-Party Data

What is 1st-Party Data

Businesses have long relied on 3rd-party cookies to track users across the web, gather data about their browsing behaviour, and…

How Agencies Thrive Podcast

How Agencies Thrive Podcast

Helping forward-thinking, digitally-savvy marketers win in the ever-changing digital landscape. We’re joined by the best in the business to unpack…

Cookieless Strategies With A Dash Of AI

Cookieless Strategies With a Dash of AI

Learn how contextual targeting can enable marketers to take control of their ad campaigns, without the use of cookies, to…

The Power Of Multi-Channel Advertising Report

The Power of Multi-Channel Advertising Report

Learn the benefits of running campaigns across several channels and what to consider when integrating multi-channel advertising into your digital…

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