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Halo Promo Risk

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                Making Big Ideas Happen

At Halo we love big ideas as much as you do, but sometimes big can mean risky.

So much so that your client business might deem them too risky to ever see the light of day – and what a missed opportunity that might turn out to be. Risk comes in many shapes and sizes but nearly always involves an unknown outcome and that’s normally cost.

 If only predicting the future wasn’t so damned tricky!

Thankfully specialists exist and one such agency partner is Halo. As I’m sure you can imagine forecasting the outcome of future events is not without its challenges but it’s what we specialise in. We spend our lives looking to the future and working out how an event might play out or how consumers will behave to impact the performance of a promotional campaign. We then take a commercial view on the outcome of the activity and cover all your liability in a single fixed fee.

How many customers will claim a Free Aperol Spritz or a Fresh pint of Camden are just two examples of great ideas that made it to market with the support of a fixed fee solution. 

In a world of great uncertainty breaking the budget should not be one of them as a fixed fee is as a proven way of tying down a key variable and a big one at that – costs. We work with leading agencies and their brands to understand big promotional ideas and then take the risk out. We’ve been doing this globally for over 15 years.

 Halo believe promotional risk is an enabler of creativity rather than a necessary evil. There’s no secret to how it works as it’s largely down to some basic maths combined with a heavy dose of experience. You give your best to having cracking idea and they will do their best to mitigate any danger and fix the costs.

But why do I need promotional risk? – can’t I just restrict entries or cap the number of free products I give away? – the answer is yes but that can often lead to consumer disapointment at the point of purchase or maybe even dilutes the overall headline promotion. Fixed fee is not the panacea to all issues but it never hurts to secure a quote and see if it offers value over a pay as you go or prize cap model. Then you can pay your money and take your choice.

If you want to find out more about how Halo Promo Risk can enable your biggest ideas to run within a known and contained fixed fee, please contact one of the team:

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184 Shepherds Bush Road London W6 7NL

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