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5.01, Boat Shed, Exchange Quay, Manchester
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The Behaviours Agency

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We create preference. At every stage of the customer journey we find creative ways to give our clients the advantage

Preference is being ahead of the competition in the customer’s mind. That means being more motivating, more top-of-mind, easier to choose.

Why does being the preferred choice matter?

All buying behaviour is a series of choices.

Each of these moments is a chance to be preferred, or a chance to lose out. While some of our decisions are carefully considered with all the options weighed, most are pretty much automatic, made without conscious thought.

Behavioural science has shown that our brains work more like Alexa than a Google results page, coming up with just a ‘top answer’ rather than a whole list of considerations.

So the challenge is to make our clients’ brands the top answer.

Some of our clients include:
Sharps Bedrooms
Well Pharmacy
Aggregate Industries


Sue Benson - Founder & Managing Director
Dorina D'ambrosio - Founder & Creative Director
James Ballinger - Board Director
Stephen Brunt - Planning Director
Janey Leonard-Myers - Account Director


The Behaviours Agency is an independent agency

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