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Only a Couple Spots Left for Our Alliance Diploma! 🌟

The fast-paced agency world we love is always changing, isn’t it? Over the past 20 years, we’ve watched as innovation and tech reshaped our industry. Staying updated is super important. That’s why we’ve put together the Alliance Diploma in Strategy, Creativity, and Communications. It’s the perfect fit for anyone within their first 5 years in the agency realm, be it client service, planning, project management, or creative.

Why Consider This for Your Team?

  • Team Growth: Boost your team’s skills, meaning fewer job ads and interviews for new talent.
  • Impress Clients: Equip your team with fresh strategies to keep those client compliments coming.
  • Combat Industry Wanderlust: A recent survey showed 71% of agency folks considered new pastures for growth or salary. Let’s give them reasons to stick around!

Here’s a sneak peek at what the six months will entail:

  • Workshops with the Pros: Ten engaging half-day sessions with the industry’s finest.
  • Friendly Collaborations: Your team gets to brainstorm and bond with fellow agency enthusiasts.
  • Hands-on Challenges: A chance to tackle real client briefs and get feedback from industry bigwigs.
  • All-Round Learning: From start to finish, we’ve got it all covered.
  • Tech Talk: A deep dive into the world of digital and media.
  • Building Strong Client Bonds: Nurturing relationships and ensuring those contracts keep coming.

Here’s what Dom Robertson, Managing Director at RPM had to say:

“We talk about inspiration a lot in our business. The people in our agency who come back from the Alliance Diploma, are inspired, fired up and ready to take on anything.”

There are only a couple of places remaining, if you’re interested in being part of the 2023 cohort, please contact

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