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People Pulse 1 – Results

After the summer of 2020 agency life is not as we know it, and it’s still constantly changing. Client budgets are being cut, agency cultures are inevitably being impacted by remote working and both physical and mental health are more likely to suffer. Even if agencies have been in the enviable position of recruiting over the summer, it still has huge challenges around getting new staff up and running while working from home.  Zoom calls have been a saviour but it’s difficult to get the feel of the room through a screen.

It’s not easy for independents to get a temperature check on things like culture and staff happiness, but it’s vital to the business. With all this going on, what can agency leaders do…?

At the Alliance we’ve decided to combine the forces of the industry to launch The People Pulse report. It’s a quarterly piece of research we ask agency leaders to distribute to their staff. In return those leaders get a report back with insights from across the group. It’s a simple 9 question survey that takes 3 minutes and provides that valuable temperature check on areas such as Pride, Trust, Respect, Values, Diversity and Leadership. Members of the Alliance also get a bespoke benchmarking report back so they can see how they perform in context to other agency averages.

At the Alliance we can often be the network for non-networked agencies, and the people pulse should give agency leaders at Independents access to a network, and valuable insights into what going on and how their staff are feeling in relation to their peers. Rather than just going it alone.

The results can be downloaded here: The Alliance People Pulse

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