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How spoofed emails can ruin an agency & how to avoid this happening to yours – with Cubit Technology 16th April 2024

A massive thank you to our speakers Ralph Harrison, Sales and Marketing Director – Cubit Technology & Stephen van der Merwe, Senior Sales Specialist – Sendmarc.

Recording of the session
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Some key learnings from the session:

  • Tackling Cyber Threats: 90% of cyber attacks originate from emails, with 1% of emails a day being spoofed emails – larger email providers are now intensifying defenses against spoofing – with Yahoo & Google now needing proof you are the domain holder for your emails to get through, it’s likely others will follow.
  • This isn’t just a problem for your security/ I.T Managers – how important is it for the whole team that their emails get through!? If someone sends spoofed emails via your domain it’s you the domain holder who is liable.
  • Strengthening Security: The necessity of DMARC protocol to safeguard against unauthorized email use and its vital role in securing email communication to authenticate legitimate emails and deter tampering.
  • Combatting Email Fraud: How emails can be compromised by malicious actors, who send emails under the guise of trusted individuals, leading to potential financial losses and damage to relationships. Damage can be through: Deposit fraud, ransomware distribution, identity theft & poor email delivery.
  • Learning Email Security: Implementing domain security processes could help prevent emails from being incorrectly flagged as spam or junk.
  • Future Regulations: We discussed the impending regulation and likely mandatory adoption of DMARC and its inevitability for agencies. Once DMARC is installed on average companies get an 18% improvement in emails reaching mailboxes in the 1st week alone.
  • What does DMARC do? – Solve impersonation, detect interception, improve delivery & offers increased visibility & control.

If you’re looking for 1-to-1 support with email protection and cyber security, contact Ralph Harrison from Cubit Technology for Alliance Member Rates.

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