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The Alliance Partners With Instreamatic!

The Alliance is keen to work in collaboration with those products and services that genuinely add value to agencies in the independent agency community. That’s why we are thrilled to announce a partnership with Instreamatic.

“As AI plays an ever important role in the delivery of comms, it is great to be able to welcome Instreamatic as an Alliance partner that embraces this new technology in such a positive way.

Instreamatic is revolutionising the way that agencies can personalise and contextualise any audio content both at scale and pace. 

We are delighted that Instreamatic has chosen the Alliance to be its Partner to advance and demonstrate how AI can advance creativity in agencies and how it should be embraced by them” – Clive Mishon, Founder Director, Alliance of Independent Agencies

Instreamatic redefines the advertising landscape, harnessing AI to transform the creation, delivery, and optimization of contextual video and audio ads. We empower brands with an exceptionally smooth, swift, and scalable experience that enhances media performance and elevates storytelling to new heights of impact and resonance.

Using Contextual Ads, brands can generate and serve unlimited audio, video, and CTV ads to address the user’s context and environment. All in one place. 

We’re thrilled about our partnership with the Alliance of Independent Agencies, marking a significant milestone in our quest to reshape the advertising landscape. At Instreamatic, we’re committed to innovation, and with our cutting-edge products like Contextual Audio Ads and Contextual Video and CTV Ads, we’re changing the game.

Our AI-driven technology generates limitless, contextually relevant audio and video content, allowing brands to enable AI-driven ad optimization and deliver highly engaging messages to their audiences. This partnership merges our dynamic capabilities with the Alliance’s independent agency network, empowering them to achieve outstanding results for their clients.

We’re pioneering a future where data-driven, contextually relevant content is the norm. Together, we’re setting the course for a more personalized, efficient, and effective advertising ecosystem” – Stas Tushinskiy, CEO, Instreamatic.

For more information about the service Instreamatic provides to agencies, please click here.

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