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THE ALLIANCE PLANS 2024 10th January 2024

As the Alliance looks forward to 2024, we invited you to a presentation where we outlined the years events and initiatives that:

– Represent your agency and the Independent Agency Community
– Amplify the incredible work that independent agencies produce
– Support and nurture your people to ensure they can perform at their best

Recording of the session
View the slides

šŸš€ Big News from the Alliance: Our 2024 Vision & Exciting New Member Perks!

This week we launched our Plan for 2024. The event was a buzzing hub of announcements and plans for this year. Let us walk you through the highlights of what’s in store for our members.

  1. A Year of Support with “We’ve Got Your Back”: Terry Martin launched our new 2024 theme, “We’ve Got Your Back.” It’s more than just a slogan; it’s our commitment to enhancing the value we offer to each member. Brace yourselves for a year filled with opportunities to network, boost your agency’s performance, and increase your visibility in the market. And yes, we’ve got some shiny new member benefits lined up for you!
  2. Empowering Leaders and Learners: Suzanne Barnes took the stage to unveil an inspiring leadership pathway program, tailored to nurture potential leaders within our community. That’s not all ā€“ we’re also offering free training opportunities, including a groundbreaking digital course on generative AI. Imagine equipping your agency with the latest digital know-how! And for the cherry on top, each agency on the 2024 enhanced member benefits package gets ten complimentary spots on 8 selected courses.
  3. A Collaborative Future: We’re doubling down on fostering collaboration and innovation. Think industry events, roundtables, and insightful discussions on topics like AI and business strategies. We’re also launching the Q1 people pulse very soon, a tool to gauge your agency’s progress against key industry metrics regarding mental health and employee wellbeing.
  4. Solving the Late Payments Puzzle: In collaboration with Good Business Pays, we’re taking a stand against late payments ā€“ a persistent pain point in our industry. Members can now access a unique feature in our members’ area to check the real payment terms of clients. It’s all about empowering you with the right information.
  5. Showcasing Talent and Stories: Ready to steal the spotlight? We’re excited to announce the “Let Indies Entertain You” talent competition, and a chance for two lucky members to share their journey on the “How I Became” podcast. It’s your opportunity to inspire others and get your agency’s story heard.
  6. Welcoming New Team Members and Clarifying Benefits: Our team is growing! We’re thrilled to welcome Ben Ward, our new Ops Admin Assistant. With the expansion, we’re also rolling out new member benefits more smoothly, ensuring every member gets the most out of their Alliance experience.
  7. Growing Stronger Together: Our dedication to championing and enhancing independent agencies is stronger than ever. We’re on a mission to grow our network and spotlight the unique strengths that independent agencies bring to the table.

Thank you for being a part of our vibrant community. Together, let’s make 2024 a year of unparalleled growth and success. Here’s to an innovative and collaborative future! šŸŒŸ

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