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The Alliance’s “Creative Hero” – Danielle Farleigh

The Alliance is proud of its Member Agencies and independent agency network. It is filled with independent creative minds who know how to drive action through creativity and make our clients’ brands compelling, and our Creative Hero column is here to celebrate that. It’s the reason we are thrilled to announce this week’s winner of the Alliance Creative Hero… Danielle Farleigh!

Jeremy Stern, Chief Executive at PromoVeritas commented…

“Although I may be the one officially nominating her, I am doing it on behalf of one of our major clients – Mondelez. 

This week we received the following wonderful praise for Danielle, from the lead contact at the client: 

I just wanted to call out Danielle for her incredible efforts to pull together the Promotional toolkit for us here in MDLZ. She has done an insane job!!

I know the time and effort that goes into these things and the information that she has provided is going to help our Activation team massively and is a big step ahead for us as a team. Danielle is kindly coming into our office on Tuesday next week to present this to our Activation team and we are super excited to have her back at our offices.

Many thanks again [to] Danielle – as I mentioned in today’s meeting this is an incredible piece of work you have pulled together and we are massively grateful and will likely share this throughout our business to show how we can lead with Promotions working with yourselves.

But not only that, this client, and her other major client, Kellogg’s are both tracking at above last year – so we get service with sales!  a nice combination.”

Every week, there are numerous stories that float around internally of exceptional agency work by exceptional agency people. Don’t let that story go astray! If you know of an agency creative or team that has gone above and beyond, feel free to reach out to to get them nominated for the next Creative Hero.

Please share!

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