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The Alliance’s “Creative Hero” – Rosie Palmer


The Alliance is proud of its Member Agencies and independent agency network. It is filled with independent creative minds who know how to drive action through creativity and make our clients’ brands compelling, and our Creative Hero column is here to celebrate that. It’s the reason we are thrilled to announce this week’s winner of the Alliance Creative Hero… Rosie Palmer!

Greg McAlinden, Executive Creative Director at Agency Space commented…

“Rosie Palmer is a massively valued designer in the creative team at Space and has been with us, working across numerous accounts for the last couple of years. Rosie started full time with us at a junior right before we hit lockdown but met the challenge with positivity, resilience and most of all talent.

Rosie has since been promoted and her craft continues to grow and evolve. A brilliant hybrid creative, Rosie is also a published author, oh and a hugely successful, Lionel Ritchie endorsed Doggie-influencer!Rosie has helped us through pitches and live work as well as taking responsibility for creds and content for the agency. She’s a hugely appreciated member of staff, an inspiring presence in the creative team, and very deserving of a big shout out!”

Rosie has been a vital part of several client accounts at Space, to see a glimpse of the work – please click here.

Every week, there are numerous stories that float around internally of exceptional agency work by exceptional agency people. Don’t let that story go astray! If you know of an agency creative or team that has gone above and beyond, feel free to reach out to to get them nominated for the next Creative Hero.

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