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Winning Online Sales With a Programmatic Strategy, with StackAdapt – 6th June 2024

A massive thank you to our guest speakers Jackson Marsh & Wiktoria Boniecka from StackAdapt.

We heard from industry experts at StackAdapt on how to best use programmatic advertising to grow your brand, engage customers and successfully drive conversions.

They covered:

  • E-commerce trends and programmatic advertising insights to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Tactics for delivering highly personalised, multi-channel customer journeys.
  • Tips for creating compelling ads to guide online shoppers through the conversion funnel.
  • How to measure campaign success by exploring key metrics and techniques.
  • Strategies for optimising campaigns in real-time, resulting in successful online sales.

To learn more about how a multi-channel programmatic advertising strategy can help you stay ahead of the curve and guide online shoppers through the conversion funnel, we’ve attached our StackAdapt Report in partnership with Ad Perceptions: The Case for Multi-Channel Programmatic Advertising. It’s a valuable resource that will aid you in your upcoming projects.

A survey of UK agencies and brands with over £400k in annual programmatic ad spend found that 62% of advertisers believe multi-channel campaigns frequently meet or exceed KPIs.

You can Download the report now to discover how to effectively leverage multi-channel advertising throughout the entire sales funnel. Learn which channels to prioritise at each stage of the customer journey, and gain valuable insights into ad performance. This report also highlights the benefits and challenges of managing campaigns across multiple channels, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how to optimise your advertising strategy.

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