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AI In Creative Production with Instreamatic 25th April 2024

A massive thank you to our speakers Emma Yagmurova, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Instreamatic & Simon Dunlop, CMO & Co-Founder at Instreamatic.

Recording of the session
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In this session, we talked about how important it is to work alongside Al and put effort into using it. We also saw how Al can allow for a swift response to market trends, cost-effective production, streamlined workflow for rapid ad generation, and simplified mass creative production.

Over 80% of our webinar attendees expressed that they are struggling to achieve ad personalisation at scale and lack sufficient A/B testing capabilities to optimise their ad campaigns in real time. These challenges highlight the need for more dynamic and responsive advertising solutions. Instreamatic specialise in leveraging AI, enabling you to generate an unlimited number of personalised ads and optimise your campaigns through real-time performance feedback. Their platform is designed to help you meet advertising goals with precision and scalability.

Here are links to the demos that were played in the webinar – Instreamatic take video assets (like this generic Cadillac ad) and create completely fresh ad concepts, each designed for further personalisation: Watch Concept A with City contextualisation, and Concept B contextualizing by Publisher, Special Offer with countdown, dealer address.

We were thrilled to see that many attendees shared excitement about the potential for AI to enhance ad personalisation and provide real-time optimisation capabilities.  If you’re interested in diving deeper into how Instreamatic AI can specifically benefit your business then please do reach out to Emma directly:

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