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Megan Nicola
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HR Star Consulting Ltd

Tailored HR for Founders who care,

No founder should ever feel guilty about not being able to do everything for their team. You’re only one person! Which is why we're your 24/7 HR solution without the in-house management hassle. And no, we’re not just at the end of a hotline waiting for you to call - we’re actively working in your business with you. We are your people partner. You can't be in multiple places at once, but we can be for you.

How do we do it? We transform the ‘Founder Trap’. A.k.a. The unfortunate reality you can’t be in multiple places at once. But we can be for you.

A comprehensive people plan that supports your business to success without you having to worry about how to implement it. Your people are your biggest asset to success. This plan makes sure they know it

A full HR team providing strategic, operational and transactional support, advice & guidance so that making critical decisions about your people isn’t yet another thing you have to worry about finding the time to do

Good companies attract talent, great companies keep them, but successful companies do both. From attracting top-tier candidates to retaining key talent, we’re your strategic partner in building a workforce that drives your business forward



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Star Lodge The Workplace, Cheltenham, England, GL50 1TY

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