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Powering promotions, worldwide.

PromoVeritas have been helping brands and agencies to run their promotions right since 2002.

From prize draws to competitions, in-store to online we have run thousands of promotions to the letter of the law all around the world. We run them fairly, independently, and transparently.

We bridge the gap between imaginative marketing concepts and compliant legal execution to ensure that big and beautiful ideas for promotions don’t end up in disaster.

PromoVeritas provides the ‘independence’ that every promotion requires to remain compliant in the eyes of the law. It is built into every aspect of the terms & conditions we draft, the prize draws we run, the competitions we judge, the microsites we build and even the votes we count for events like the National Television Awards.

Our expertise is global, and we consider the risks and feasibility of running campaigns across multiple countries with different legal regimes from China, to Chile, Austria to Australia.

In effect we are the power behind promotions. The secret ingredient, the vital but invisible partner that helps to ensure that everything is run right – safe for the promoter and operated with integrity for consumers anywhere in the world. Run it Right.

Some of our clients include:
Pepsi Co


Jeremy Stern - CEO
Gemma Cutting - Managing Director


PromoVeritas is an independent agency

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