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TRAINING : Managing Pressure and Building Resilience

This workshop is rooted in the science of how the body and brain react to pressure and stress and offers an evidence-based, practical and non-touchy-feely guide to maintaining and building your resilience.

Agency life has always been stressful, because it’s a highly competitive, service-based business, but pressures have grown as clients have become more demanding and the pace of campaign development has increased.  Added to which, the pandemic and working from home has affected people’s resilience and mental health and their ability to manage work/life/tech boundaries.

Pay the delegate price and feel free to let a colleague attend with you. 

The Benefits

Delegates go away with a clear understanding of how their brain and body react when they are under pressure plus many insights, tools and tips.


  • How the body and brain respond to pressure and the effect of the stress reaction. How the brain’s survival mechanism produces ‘lower order’ emotional reactions that can be unhelpful and inaccurate. The difference between good v unhelpful stress.
  • Reframing your thinking. Understanding the ‘thinking traps’ we sometimes fall into. The importance of keeping perspective and how you can step back, strip out the emotion and focus on what you can control to re-assess and handle challenging situations. A group exercise where delegates work in pairs, in breakouts, to analyse a stressful work-related situation.  Group discussion where people share their stories and analyses.
  • The Science behind Mindfulness. The science behind, and benefits of mindfulness and breathing techniques, including scientific evidence of how they impact the brain and the stress reaction.  A review of the apps and other tools available.
  • Keeping your focus and limiting distraction. Why technology makes us butterfly between tasks and keeps us in a state of ‘continuous partial attention’.  A quiz to explore people’s relationships with their phone.  Practical ideas on how you can change the way you work to stay focused and be more productive.
  • Exercise, sleep and diet. How other aspects of your lifestyle impact the way the body responds to pressure and can help build resilience.

Who is this for?

The workshop is aimed at staff from any department with 5 years or more experience.


26th September, 9am to 12.30pm


Paul Phillips spent many years working in agencies including13 years at Ogilvy, 4 years at FCB San Francisco and most recently 14 years at VCCP.

During that time, he’s worked with clients, from a wide range of sectors, including Levi’s, P&G, GSK, McCain, Nestle, Jordans Cereals, Dept of Health, Price Waterhouse, O2 and Sega.


This is the first resilience training I’ve done that was based on science and excluded anything fluffy!  I’ve never left a workshop feeling so inspired and with so many practical ideas.​

Account Director, VCCP

The workshop was excellent.  It really was.  Everyone loved it.

Strategy Partner, Lucky Generals

For me to make positive changes, following a piece of training, I need two things: 1, to buy into the science and evidence, and 2, plenty of practical tips.  Your sessions gave both.

Marketing Controller, Saputo (formerly Dairy Crest)

Everyone on the team found the workshop incredibly helpful.  They’re all talking about the things they’ll do differently.

Director of Communications, EMEA, Adobe


Tuesday 26 September 2023 9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Zoom Webinar
Half Day

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