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An exclusive Alliance Member Benefit

The Alliance Legal and Copy Guidance

Thank you for your interest in the Alliance Legal and Copy Advice Service (the “Service”).

The Service is provided by our partner law firm Lee & Thompson LLP (“Lee & Thompson) on behalf of The Alliance of Independent Agencies Limited (the “Alliance”).


The Service is provided by Lee & Thompson’s marketing and advertising lawyers who are able to provide guidance on a wide range of legal issues that may affect member agencies including:

·       CAP Code compliance

·       Contract drafting

·       Data Protection

·       E-commerce

·       Employment law

·       IP (copyright and trade marks etc)

·       Music Clearance

·       Prize Competitions and Sales Promotion

·       Terms & Conditions

·       Disputes and ASA complaints

How to Use the Service

To use the Service, please submit your inquiry on the form at the bottom of this page.

Please tick the relevant subject area and provide a clear explanation of your issue and link any documents that might help us provide a response.

Terms of Service

By using the Service you (on behalf of our agency) agree to the Terms of Service 

Please read them carefully.  In particular, please note that this is a free service for member agencies to receive initial guidance on legal issues, as a result of which:

  • you are solely responsible for your use of, and any reliance on, any guidance that you receive through your use of the Service.
  • neither Lee & Thompson nor the Alliance any liability for any loss, damages, costs or expense other loss whatsoever caused to the Agency, or to any client of the Agency, arising from or connected in any way with any guidance provided through the Service.
  • use of the Service does not create any solicitor/client relationship between the Agency and Lee & Thompson
  • before relying on any advice you have received you should consider taking independent legal advice, or, if you wish, instructing Lee & Thompson to act for you and provide formal advice.

When can I expect a response?

Your enquiry will be dealt with as possible, and you should receive a response within 48 hours.  This is not always possible, but if there is likely to be a delay we will try and tell you as soon as we can.  If your request is urgent please say so, so that we can try and respond more quickly if we can.

What is the agency entitled to?

The agency is entitled to a maximum of thirty minutes of free legal guidance per month.  That includes time reviewing documents and emails and discussing the issue on the telephone.  You will not usually receive any advice in writing.  Unused time cannot be rolled forward to a later date.

What if I need more detailed advice?

If you require more detailed guidance or advice, you may wish to instruct lawyers that you know, or may wish to continue to work with Lee & Thompson by instructing them to act for you.  If do so, Lee & Thompson will provide their terms of engagement and a fee estimate, and you will benefit from any fee discount that may be agreed for Alliance member agencies from time to time.

Please complete the form below.

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