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The 2023 Independent Agency Awards Announces Winners

The Awards highlighted the boldness, purpose and remarkable results that independent minds can deliver.

The 2023 Independent Agency Awards, hosted at the prestigious MAD//FEST, witnessed a remarkable gathering of over 400 distinguished individuals from various agencies and brands. They congregated to applaud and appreciate the exceptional work emerging from the independent sector. The event was made even more memorable with the engaging presence of host Anna-Marie Descartes and special guest Rob Mayhew, who brought their unique perspectives to the proceedings.

These awards highlighted the boldness, purpose, and remarkable results that independent minds can deliver. Each winning campaign left an indelible imprint of excellence, clearly demonstrating the capabilities of independent agencies.

The winning campaigns can be viewed by clicking here.

The agency of the year, Impression, led the pack with two accolades, demonstrating their deep commitment to excellence and their unwavering dedication to their purpose. Kudos also go to Abraxas Marketing Ltd, Frank PR, Whalar, and Assembly Global, who showcased their genius in their respective fields. Their victories emphasise the creative diversity and expertise that independent agencies bring to the industry.

Other notable winners included Bulletproof, Mostly Media, Aspect Film and Video, and MATTA, each triumphant in their specific categories. The teams at PrettyGreen, Savvy, Quantum, and N2O also delivered award-winning performances that were nothing short of brilliant.

Special commendations go out to the Freedom Award winners – Experience12, Stand, PrettyGreen, and Something™ – for their inspiring displays of collaboration, agility and bravery.

This grand event was made possible through the support of partners Google, Tripadvisor, Halo Promo Risk, PromoVeritas, Pearlfinders, MAD//FEST and headline partner StackAdapt.

These awards serve to celebrate the collective spirit of independent agencies and the essential role they play in driving innovative, high-impact campaigns. The creativity, ingenuity, and determination displayed by these agencies underscore their invaluable contributions to the world of media, advertising, and public relations.

Independent agencies represent a unique conglomerate of creative entities, bound by a shared ethos of independence, innovation, and purpose. In today’s rapidly evolving creative landscape, the importance of such independence cannot be overstated. It allows for greater flexibility, agility, and the freedom to create without boundaries. The Alliance of Independent Agencies is dedicated to providing agencies with a platform to foster internal growth, are you a member? If not, please click here to find out the benefits of Alliance membership.

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