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The Independent Agency Conference 2023 Roundup

We hosted the Independent Agencies Conference last week and it was packed with a myriad of exceptional content from an equally respected group of speakers.

Shevaun Haviland, the esteemed Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce, delivered a rousing opening message to all in attendance. With a focus on the vast potential that the UK offers, Haviland emphasised the importance of branching out beyond our local confines. Her words resonated deeply, “Become a global exporter!” she proclaimed, pushing the audience to visualise the myriad opportunities available not just in Britain, but around the globe.

A highlight of the day was the insightful panel discussion featuring the founders of three groundbreaking agencies: Pablo London, Quickfire Digital, and 7 Stars. The conversation pivoted around the unique characteristics that set indie agencies apart from their larger global network counterparts. More than just a comparative study, the discussion was a deep dive into actionable strategies. The panellists offered tangible advice on how these independent agencies can not only distinguish themselves but also level up to compete head-on with the giants in the industry.

Further illuminating the intricacies of the industry was the engaging role play between Mike Lander and David Meikle. Taking us behind the curtains of the pitching/procurement process, they showcased both the traps that are easy to fall into and the potential goldmines that lie in wait. The central theme of their presentation was the power of challenging the norms. The more agencies push boundaries, question the status quo, and dare to be different, the more successful they will be in carving out their niche.

Chris Hirst, the acclaimed author of “No Bullsh*t Leadership,” then took the stage to delve into the attributes of impactful leadership. In a business landscape that’s in a constant state of flux, Hirst highlighted the necessity of having leaders with not only vision but also the ability to foster environments in which teams can truly flourish. Effective leadership, according to Hirst, is the cornerstone upon which successful agencies are built. He elucidated the vital skills leaders must possess and hone to cultivate a thriving organisational culture.

The day’s proceedings were aptly concluded by Rankin. in a thought-provoking conversation with Co-op Membership & Customer Officer, Kenyatte Nelson. The duo explored the multifaceted relationship between brands and their consumers. As Nelson aptly put it, “Brand exists in every facet ofa business.” The conversation wasn’t just about the omnipresence of brands, but also about the imperative role creative partners play. To truly resonate with consumers, brands need to be genuine, authentic, and deep-rooted in values, and it’s the creative partners who bring this vision to life.

All in all, the day was a rich tapestry of insights, ideas, and inspirations, providing attendees with a clearer roadmap for success in the ever-evolving world of business and branding. We look forward to doing it all again next year!

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