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Fly, Don’t Walk Limited

Fly, Don’t Walk is a leadership coaching company. As founder and an ex-agency leader, I work with with agencies to develop fearless founders and confident leaders who are able to inspire, empower and motivate talent. 

As an ex-agency leader, I know the delights and the challenges of agency life - nearly every client says 'you totally get us'. You can hear their testimonials in the brochure below.

Most agencies come to us because they want to stabilise or grow the business. They recognise that talent is central to growth and they want to accelerate senior leaders' development, to give them the confidence and skills they need to build authentic relationships, help their teams take ownership and deliver excellence for clients.

Our coaching will help you build:

  • High performing, authentic leaders who enjoy what they do
  • Leaders who are confident in their skills to lead, manage and empower teams
  • Leaders who trust themselves and build trust in others
  • Leaders who listen, inspire and communicate a vision
  • Teams who work together, support and develop each other

We work through an emotional intelligence lens which is scientific, creative and tangible. It's not fluffy. People think, feel and behave differently which leads to concrete results, like more confidence, more ownership, more collaboration, more psychological safety and deeper client partnerships.

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