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TRAINING : Don’t Present. Sell.

Your creative campaigns have taken weeks to create and cost you a fortune… and you’re going to simply ‘show’ them to the client? This module teaches you how to pitch

your ideas using Hollywood script selling approaches, blended with classic sales techniques.


You will learn that when it comes to selling, you are nearly always on the back foot. If a client has a need and a budget they will have reached out to any number of agencies – or already been approached. Winning rarely comes down to just the work. It’s a blend of competencies – many of which are outlined on a client’s spreadsheet. You need to be invited first, which is why we start by exploring the classic Prospecting, Qualifying, Closing and Follow Up process.

Many presentations fail because agencies don’t listen or engage properly with the client’s problem or challenge. (Instead, they spend a disproportionate time talking about themselves.)

You will learn techniques that ensure your pitch gets the attention it deserves. you’ll find out how to handle tricky or difficult clients. And we’ll briefly touch on praxeology and the challenge of decision making.

Most importantly you’ll come away with a greater understanding of the psychology of creating a need, that ensures whatever you are selling will fulfil.


This one-hour session explores how to engage an audience beyond the glittering lure of just being ‘slick’ or ‘flash’, teaching you how to create ‘lean forward moments’ with your audience, to pique their desire to find out more. It includes advice on how to prepare and structure your presentation including rehearsal tips, and how to follow up after the event. We look at how to condense your thinking into an elevator pitch, how to land key messages with the right decision makers, how to structure your argument, and deliver it within the allotted time.


This course will suit delegates with two or more years in the industry, or anyone who is keen to learn proven sales techniques tailored to work within the presentation/pitch restraints of the business.

DATE: 1st February 2024


David Harris has been running creative departments and nurturing creative teams for over 20 years. And he still loves it!  He is passionate about sharing ideas and new ways of seeing things and discussing them.

David started his career in big network ad agencies. Became a Creative Director of an integrated agency (where we won lots of awards); started a successful start-up (LIDA); helped reposition and build Wunderman as ECD; did the same at Draftfcb and gyro.

He has been an external examiner for Birmingham City University, a visiting lecturer, keynote speaker, run workshops and seminars at Cannes Lions, IPA, DMA and Alliance of Independent Agencies.


Thursday 01 February 2024 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Zoom Webinar
Less than 2 hrs

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